<div align="center"> <h1>CREATURES OF POLAND nieformalna POLSKA strona o zespole KISS</h1> <h3>CREATURES OF POLAND - THIS IS MY HOBBY WEB SITE DEDICATED TO KISS AND IT</h3> <p>KISS, PAUL STANLEY, GENE SIMMONS, ACE FREHLEY, PETER CHRIS, HARD ROCK, GLAM ROCK, DYNASTY, THE ELDER, PSYCHO CIRCUS, kiss, kissarmy, KISSARMY, KISS ARMY, VINNIE VINCENT, MAKE-UP, HARD ROCK, ALIVE, ERIC CARR,</p> <p>Strona znajduje się pod adresem <a href="http://republika.pl/creaturesofpoland/" rel="nofollow">republika.pl/creaturesofpoland/</a></p> </div>